Sell a Home

Selling a home is more than just a transaction – it’s a transition to a new lifestyle.

It’s never to early to plan…

Even if your home purchase is 6 months or a year out, it’s never to early to speak with our team and create a plan. We’ll guide you through the home buying process, offer suggestions for mortgage lenders, and answer any questions you may have.

Getting Started

Whether you have or haven’t sold a home before, the process can be daunting! To start things out on the right foot you’ll want to be able to answer these questions:

  • Why do you want to move? Is it to get into a bigger or smaller home? Are you relocating because of a job? Do you want to live in a different neighborhood or community?
  • When do you want to move? Do you need to move now? Or can you take your time?

Consult with a Professional

During your initial consultation with us we’ll get to know your goals, your background, and what’s most important to you. Then we’ll walk you through the home selling process (outlined below) and not only answer your questions but begin to develop a plan specific to you.

Prepping Your Home For Sale and Staging

We will evaluate the current state of your property and discuss home staging strategies. Any repairs or improvements needed to maximize your home’s value and appeal will be identified and scheduled. We will work with you to prepare your home for the photography, ensuring the photos and online tour highlight the very best features of your property.

What can staging do? Adding cost-effective amenities and improving the general cleanliness and condition of the home is what we call “staging”. Our highly experienced, professional stagers will tour your home with a “buyer’s eye” and make recommendations to you to help your home look its best and stand out from the competition.

Three Things to Remember:

  1. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.
  2. A review of over 2,800 properties in 8 cities found that staged homes, on average, sold in half the time that non-staged homes did.
  3. Most buyers make decisions about the property they see within 15 seconds of entering the home.

Pricing Right

We do not decide how much your home is worth – and neither do you. The market does. It tells us exactly where to price your property to sell and how to approach the marketing of your property. This is where our experience and knowledge of the real estate market is paramount. Because of the volume of homes we list and sell, we have an understanding of today’s market that other agents simply do not have.

We know our marketing works. All we are testing in the first few weeks of marketing your property is price. We will work together with you to formulate a price adjustment strategy that sees us through your listing period, ensuring maximum dollar for your property. We will provide continuous updates so you’re always in the loop.

Professional Photographs

As you can see in these two photos hiring a professional makes a difference! Yes, those are the exact same rooms. With only one chance to impress a home buyer and with every home buyer viewing homes online, it’s an absolute must to hire a professional photographer. No matter the price range, we hire professionals for every single one of our listings.


We work hard to ensure showings will be convenient and safe. All of our listings are protected with special lockboxes that only real estate agents can open. Upon opening we are immediately sent a message stating who has opened the box. This keeps you safe but also allows us to follow up with all showings.

Open Houses

Open houses are one of our specialties and we highly recommend having at least one the first weekend your house is for sale. Open house marketing creates a buzz about the home and a sense of urgency for the home buyers. It’s also an opportunity for additional online and social media marketing – getting your house in front of more home buyer eyes.

Internet Marketing

According to the National Association of Realtors, in 2016 95% of buyers found their new home on the internet. Buyers make split-second decisions while viewing homes. So, the photos, property description, staging, and the accuracy of the information we provide will determine what homes buyers want to visit.

  • We will input the maximum professional-quality photos showcasing your home’s best features.
  • Complete and accurate data entry
  • Maximum use of space to highlight your home’s most important features. The quality of the words we use attracts buyers.
  • Our Team is easy to reach, ensuring we service each buyer who is interested in your property.

When you list with us, we’ll have access to the Keller Williams Listing System (KWLS). This proprietary, exclusive system ensures your property is marketed online, 24/7, through more than 350 of the most popular search websites.

Social Media Marketing

There’s so much power in word-of-mouth! Social media gives us an effective platform to organically promote your house to our friends and yours. All our listings are promoted on the top apps both organically and through paid promotions, thus reaching the most home buyers in our area.

Creative Marketing

Though internet and social media marketing is where home buyers are most likely to find their new home, it’s important to not forget other marketing avenues.

  • Advertise your listing in our email and direct mail newsletter.
  • Target active buyers and investors in our database who are looking for homes in your price range and area.
  • Target our marketing to active real estate agents who specialize in selling homes in your neighborhood.
  • “For Sale” sign – Our Team is easy to reach, ensuring we service each buyer who is interested in your property.
  • And more! We are constantly coming up with new ideas to market our listings.

Negotiating Offers

Each offer will be presented and discussed in detail with you. We will point out the pros and cons of each offer and highlight potential issues based on our experience. Remember, we have successfully navigated hundreds of home sales!

We will negotiate on your behalf, the details and terms of your transaction with the other agent. Earning you the most money in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of hassle for you, is our top priority.

Repairs and Disclosures

After an offer is accepted the home buyers will have an opportunity to hire a home inspector. They will be evaluating all the major house systems – plumbing, electrical, roof, structure, sewer, foundation, etc. The home buyer will also be reviewing disclosures that have been provided by you, the seller. The buyer then has an opportunity to request repairs. This is another opportunity for negotiating. Don’t worry! We’ve done this hundreds of times and will help guide you to a response that works best for you.

Prepping to Move

Do you need an agent to assist you in your relocation? Need a recommendation for a moving company? Would a moving checklist help? We’re happy to refer you to great providers of other real estate-related services. We’re excited to make the sale of your home as smooth and stress-free as possible!

Making the Move & Beyond

Once you are our client, you are part of the LM Team family! We are always here to provide local vendor names, community services, answers to your questions and more. And of course, you’ll always be on our invite list to our annual Spring Fling Party, Fall Pictures and more 🙂